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Patch 3.9.6: Ichor




Debut Edition

Q: Life Leech

Target enemy unit to deal magic damage and apply a movement speed slow for 5 seconds. While marked, allied spells and attacks against Ichor heal the attackers.

W: Transfusion

Target an ally unit to jump to them and transfer all debuffs on them to Ichor, dealing damage to enemies around him. For the next 5 seconds, Ichor will absorb 100% of the damage dealt to the targeted ally.

E: Saint's Blood

All Physical and Magic Damage dealt to Ichor that exceeds 15% of his current Health is reduced. Each debuff on Ichor reduces the damage by an additional 10%.

R: Bloodrush

Activate to create an aura around Ichor for 8 seconds. Ally heroes in the aura gain 40 attack speed, plus additional attack speed for each allied hero in radius. Enemy heroes in the aura suffer negative attack speed.

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